You can be a life-changer for a woman in Uganda.

In Uganda, disposable sanitary products are simply not affordable. Women are forced to use ineffective and often harmful alternatives.

As a result, young ladies frequently miss school, infection occurs in reproductive organs and humiliation burdens them every month. The Dignity Project is providing hope in the face of this basic issue.

For every $5 given, we provide a set of reusable sanitary pads to a Ugandan woman in need that will last 2 years.

In addition, we work directly with Ugandan seamstresses to ensure high-quality craftsmanship and valuable employment for their community.

By giving to The Dignity Project, you can make a difference in the life of a woman in Uganda by restoring her dignity and hope through these reusable sanitary pads.



The Dignity Project is an outreach of WGM Uganda and gifts are tax-deductible.

Mother’s Day

Would you consider blessing a woman in Uganda this Mother’s Day?

By giving to The Dignity Project, you can honor your Mother by blessing a woman in Uganda. What better gift to honor the one who gave you life than by bringing hope to another woman!

After giving, download and print the PDF below to include with your Mother’s Day card to let her know you’ve honored her in this way!

Use the tool above to calculate how many women you have helped and enter that on the space provided in the PDF as well to show her how many lives have been impacted in her honor!

Mother’s Day Insert


Lives Changed:


and counting!

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